About Us

Sweet Spot Toys caters to the kid in everyone. On our site you can find toys that are focused on nostalgia, pop-culture, and many that are just plain cool.  In our store (soon to be opened) you will find not only the toys that you find on our site but also an assortment of candies, and glass bottle sodas.


What is Sweet Spot Toys?
Sweet Spot Toys is a candy, toy, and collectibles store that strives to carry a little something for everyone.
Why is it called Sweet Spot Toys?
Sweet Spot Toys was named such because at our soon to open brick and mortar location in downtown Siler City, NC you will find an assortment of candy and toys.
Does Sweet Spot Toys have a brick and mortar location?
Soon!  Our future location will be opening in the next few weeks at 229 N Chatham Ave in Siler City NC.  This location will feature all the items found on our site in addition to an assortment of candies and glass bottle sodas.
Who runs Sweet Spot Toys?
Much like the Wizard of Oz I prefer life behind the curtain, however, if you ever need something please ask for Jonus.


Here at Sweet Spot Toys we also value feedback.  If you have any questions, concerns, or maybe just want to make product suggestions, let us know using the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!