Calliope games

$ 29.99 

Ages 8+
2-6 Players
3-50 minutes play time
In Allegory™, compete with others as renowned authors, each scribing a trilogy of Tales: Nature, Energy, and Spirit. Master the use of Lore to incorporate powerful Themes into your Tales. At the end, you will be rewarded for weaving a hidden Moral throughout all of your Tales—but only the most concise Tale shall become a literary classic for the ages!
Bid using Lore chips, collect cards into three Tales, and create sets of Themes. Choosing which Theme cards to take is important, not only because players each have a hidden goal to accomplish, but also because in the end, only the Tale with the lowest value is scored! When you win a bid, you must skillfully distribute your Lore chips used across the remaining cards in the Inspiration Pool, to be taken by other players later!
This game is a fresh take on bidding and auction games, providing fun and meaningful player interactions. It features incredible illustration by David Cornish.

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