Orleans Stories

Gigamech Games

$ 49.99 


Secure the Lives of Your Settlers Orléans Stories is based on the bag-building mechanism known from Orléans, being further developed into a storytelling experience in which players go through different eras and face different challenges as they settle the Loire Valley. The different eras affect the parameters of play as well as the rules of the game, creating new strategic possibilities. This challenges players to constantly adapt to current conditions, giving you the impression of experiencing a story, but unlike in legacy games, these stories can be repeated as often as you like.


5 Beneficial Deeds

1 Game Board

1 Marketplace Board

4 Player Boards

24 Base Place Tiles

48 Settlers

20 Fortresses

12 Churches

29 Area Tiles

1 Starting Player Token

126 Follower Tiles

18 Technology Tiles 

24 Place Tiles

64 Coins

4 Cloth Bags

184 Goods Tiles

10 Narration Cards

1 Era Board

1 Control Board

2 Elimination Tiles

1 Task Pad

12 Marking Cubes

8 Prohibition Tiles

1 Story Booklet “The First

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