Tea, Scones, And Arsenic

Gigamech Games

$ 29.99 


In ARSENIC, you are members of an old English aristocratic family. Your uncle from America had the excellent idea of ​​passing away bequeathing you his immense fortune.

To celebrate the event, you decide to go for tea and enjoy some scones. However, each being equally greedy, each of the heirs decides to poison the cookies with Arsenic (a safe bet) in order to increase their share of the inheritance. Digestion promises to be difficult...

Can you survive this ordeal?

ARSENIC is a family game, for 1 to 6 players, from 7 years old. The game lasts about 15 minutes.

It’s a party-game full of bluff, strategy and a hint of luck. Players must compete boldly but with self control to stop before it’s too late. A good statistical analysis of the remaining cookies and their potential dangerousness should give you an advantage... But these reassuring figures are unfortunately often distorted by the limitless treachery of your opponents. Be careful because sometimes it takes very little to get

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